Advice and consultancy

We are regularly asked by new customers whether we would like to take a look at their current website built elsewhere. The reasons for this are... read more »

Custom DNS records

Domain names are converted to IP addresses and vice versa via the Domain Name System, called DNS for short. For example, a domain name... read more »

Domain name registration

Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland (SIDN) manages all .nl domains. Hoogma Webdesign is affiliated with SIDN . As a registered Registrar... read more »

Donation page for foundations and associations

With a Hoogma Webdesign website you can easily receive donations for your foundation or association. This is done via Mollie, a reliable provider for... read more »

Effective spam filter for all your mail

Make sure your network is well protected against virus, spam, phishing and malware attacks by using a spam filter. Effective security for all your... read more »

Help with the correct character settings

A difficult problem is the character set on your server or on your website. An incorrect setting can lead to strange characters on the screen or in... read more »

Powerful web hosting

Web hosting is a piece of space on a server in a data center. You need this space to store the texts, images and other files of your website.... read more »

Custom web applications in PHP and MySQL

Adding a database to your website provides you with great ease of use. Thanks to the integration of MySQL functions on your website, we can make many... read more »

Multilingual, international websites

In most cases it is advisable to make your website in multiple languages. Many large companies in the Netherlands have English as the working... read more »

Responsive websites for mobile and tablets

Due to the advent of smartphones and tablets, the percentage of mobile internet use is rising explosively. The tablets and mobile phones are... read more »

Social media set up and advice

Social Media, it is completely contemporary. But how does it work? We have a lot of experience in activating social media profiles for companies. We... read more »

SSL security certificates

Web shops and other websites that send sensitive customer data via the website require an SSL certificate. With this certificate, all data between... read more »

Custom web design

Functional, clear and easy to find, that is the core of a well-built website. Points essential to any company's website. Building a high-quality... read more »

User-friendly Website Management System (HWCMS)

Hoogma Webdesign has designed its own Content Management System (HWCMS) with which you can maintain and adjust your website yourself, without having... read more »

Website maintenance, updates and acquisition

For all the maintenance of your website you have come to the right place. We carry out adjustments to your existing website at a competitive hourly... read more »

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Google is the number one search engine worldwide. Everyone wants to be in the first place or at least on the first page. Due to the increasing number... read more »

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Have you thought about your digital legacy? - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Have you thought about your digital legacy?

4 December 2023 - You prefer not to think about it (too much), but what would happen to your online profiles if you were to die unexpectedly? Is there someone who has your passwords, or have you assigned someone, for... read more »

Do you recognize webshop fraud? Hoogma Webdesign helps! - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Do you recognize webshop fraud? Hoogma Webdesign helps!

6 November 2023 - It recently became known that there are many more scammers active in the webshop industry than initially thought. They are also developing rapidly in terms of appearance and it is becoming more... read more »

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