Search engine optimization (SEO)

Google is the number one search engine worldwide. Everyone wants to be in the first place or at least on the first page. Due to the increasing number of websites on the internet and the growing competition, this first place is not easy to achieve and a good position is difficult to maintain. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important activity of Hoogma Webdesign.

The basis for a good position

    • Well-chosen domain and URL rewrite
    • Clean and error-free code, easy to read for the search engines
    • Specially adapted tags, titles and content on your website
    • Multilingual website increases your findability
    • Interesting content for a wide audience
    • Update regularly and add new text
    • No Flash and no complete dynamic script
    • Promote the website on the internet, exchange links
    • And above all: a lot of effort and time

Do you think your current website does not meet any of the above criteria? Request a free and non-binding preliminary investigation via our contact page. We give you a realistic picture of the possibilities and activities that are necessary to optimize your website.


The activities we carry out are reported to you so that you have insight into what we do. We like to keep this transparent! These are broadly the activities that we undertake to make your website easier to find in Google: Extensive analysis of the website, extensive analysis of the current findability and the number of backlinks. Improve the website, keywords, page titles, SEO texts, URLs, create a sitemap and robots.txt, exchange links with (relevant) websites, register with online business directories and start pages.
Then we check the result and we will adjust keywords again, until the desired position in Google is reached.

Make sure you are found better

Do you want to know what Hoogma Webdesign can do to increase your visibility online? Then contact us.

Would you like to see more? Go to the page Our services.

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