Domain name registration

Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland (SIDN) manages all .nl domains. Hoogma Webdesign is affiliated with SIDN . As a registered Registrar at SIDN, we can register and register .nl domains for our customers without the intervention of other parties.

Doing good business internationally

In addition to the .nl domains, you can also contact us for registering .com and .es domains. If you prefer a domain from another country, we may register this for you. Almost every domain available is eligible for registration. If you do business abroad, it is advisable to register your company name as a domain name in that country as well. This prevents your domain from being "hijacked" by someone else and makes you easier to find via search engines. This in turn results in more visitors to your website. Search engines usually display their results based on language and country extension / TLD (this is the rightmost part of an internet domain / link). Someone from Spain, for example, searches through a Spanish search engine. They are more likely to see a Spanish domain than, say, an English domain. By registering your domain name in the relevant country where you do business, your site will also appear via the search engine of that country.

Web hosting

Once your domain name has been registered, we can link it to a web server. We also call this web hosting.

What does it cost?

The prices of domains vary by country extension/TLD. A .nl or a .com domain costs € 17.50 ex VAT per year. We register the domain in your name and can possibly redirect it to an existing website for free. For prices of the domains in other countries, we ask you to contact us.

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