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Here you can see some examples of our projects. These are mainly websites that we have made from A to Z, but also other activities such as optimizing websites for the search engines, back-office applications behind the website, custom modules that are programmed by us and also projects that we operate ourselves.

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Shooting club KSV De Vrijheid, Winschoten - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Shooting club KSV De Vrijheid, Winschoten

Website in HWCMS with protected members environment We have set up a beautiful website in our own HWCMS system for shooting club KSV De Vrijheid in... read more »

Feenstra's Fries, Heiligerlee - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Feenstra's Fries, Heiligerlee

We were able to set up a website in HWCMS for Alex Feenstra of Feenstra's Friet, and also AF Security. Feenstra's Friet is an initiative of the... read more »

Renewed website RUN Winschoten - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Renewed website RUN Winschoten

The website of the RUN Winschoten, created by us, has been up for some time now. And because the trends within the world of websites, just like in... read more »

't Ronde Loegh, Winschoten - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

't Ronde Loegh, Winschoten

For entrepreneur Aleth Split from Hotel Restaurant 't Ronde Loegh we were allowed to create a beautiful and brand new website. A fun job, because... read more »

Purgo Domus, Beerta - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Purgo Domus, Beerta

Fellow villagers Marcel, Frederik and Anton are the enthusiastic entrepreneurs behind Purgo Domus, an eviction company that not only takes care of... read more »

Alrojo, Blauwestad - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Alrojo, Blauwestad

We have created a fast, secure and neat website for Erwin Sikkes from Alrojo Financial Services BV in our own management system HWCMS. This makes it... read more »

4Safe security, Drachten - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

4Safe security, Drachten

For Rick Bouweriks, entrepreneur behind security company 4Safe security in Drachten, we were allowed to set up a website in the HWCMS website... read more »

Dogstyling Buitenhof, Bad Nieuweschans - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Dogstyling Buitenhof, Bad Nieuweschans

We created a beautiful website for Kitty Luiken from Dogstyling Buitenhof in HWCMS, a website management system for which the script was written by... read more »

Hospice facility Sint Maartenhuis, Winschoten - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Hospice facility Sint Maartenhuis, Winschoten

A good website should be visually appealing, but also easily accessible, and easy to use. You also want to be able to find information about the... read more »

RBS Security, Leeuwarden - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

RBS Security, Leeuwarden

RBS Security in Leeuwarden provides security for numerous events and activities in the region. To also convey this professionalism online, Hoogma... read more »

A&D Opstap, Finsterwolde - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

A&D Opstap, Finsterwolde

For entrepreneurs Debbie and Anemiek, known for their ontbijtservice in Finsterwolde, we have been able to set up a beautiful website in HWCMS:... read more »

A.F. Security, Winschoten - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

A.F. Security, Winschoten

We built a website for Alex Feenstra from AF Security in Heiligerlee in HWCMS, our own website management system. The website shows all security... read more »

Rock-On Outdoor Festival, Nieuwe Pekela - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Rock-On Outdoor Festival, Nieuwe Pekela

For the organization of Rock-On Outdoor Festival, a two-day rock festival taking place in Nieuwe Pekela, we urgently delivered a new website in... read more »

Children's center Poppiez, Winschoten, Blijham and Beerta - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Children's center Poppiez, Winschoten, Blijham and Beerta

We have been able to set up an extensive website for Children's Center Poppiez with information about the various Poppiez childcare locations. For... read more »

Coaching practice Marjolein, Norg - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Coaching practice Marjolein, Norg

Holistic lifestyle coach Marjolein Hummel from Coaching practice Marjolein -dare to BE- had the desire to start using a beautiful, neat website.... read more »

Gijsbear, Winschoten - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Gijsbear, Winschoten

Gijsbear is an initiative of Marjolein Keizer. This offers expectant parents one webshop where they can buy all the products needed for the arrival... read more »

RoJo Baits, Winschoten - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

RoJo Baits, Winschoten

A beautiful website that expresses the passion of the entrepreneurs. That is our goal for RoJo Baits in Winschoten. We have set up the website with... read more »

HemPure, Oude Pekela - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

HemPure, Oude Pekela

In Oude Pekela you will find HemPure, which is part of the company HempFlax BV. Here CBD (cannabidoil) is processed into oils, seeds and powders,... read more »

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Hoogma Webdesign: A household name for more than 20 years! - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Hoogma Webdesign: A household name for more than 20 years!

13 May 2024 - Time flies! Our web design company has been around for more than 20 years. Discover, create and pioneer in an online world. In addition, of course, the contact with our customers, in which we have... read more »

Blogging becomes easy with these tips! - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Blogging becomes easy with these tips!

7 May 2024 - Do you like to share your knowledge? We also! If you are the proud owner of your own company, you probably can't stop talking about your business and field. Remember: you have a combination of facts... read more »

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