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4Safe security, Drachten Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

For Rick Bouweriks, entrepreneur behind security company 4Safe security in Drachten, we were allowed to set up a website in the HWCMS website management system. The sympathetic security company also works with Secusoft, the planning and registration software for security guards, which ook was developed by Leo Hoogma of Hoogma Webdesign.

The advantage of this is that we were able to place a nice login link in the footer of the website for employees who want to log in to Secusoft. In addition, we were able to neatly divide all offered security services and give them a place on the website. In terms of text, there was beautiful, own content available, which is always an advantage when you launch a new website. Unique content does well with search engines such as Google.

Our content manager always goes through the supplied texts and edits if necessary, or writes the texts himself if no text can be supplied.

Because there are vacancies at this security company from time to time, a vacancy page with an application form has also been added to the 4Safe security website. Interested parties can submit an application directly online via the form, along with their CV.

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More information on: https://www.4safesecurity.nl/

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