Powerful web hosting

Powerful web hosting Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Web hosting is a piece of space on a server in a data center. You need this space to store the texts, images and other files of your website. Together with the e-mail services and the amount of data traffic that we make available, this is called web hosting. We link the domain of your choice to your web hosting.

The best security

We have the most advanced servers at various locations in the fastest data centers in the Netherlands. Our servers have the latest security software installed and are well protected against hackers and attacks. If you already have a domain, we can create the technical link to our web servers for you. You can also contact us for general help and questions about DNS, Name Servers and hosting.

Moving an existing website is possible

If you already have a website that is hosted elsewhere, we will set up the website for your about to our server. In most cases, we can quickly move your website without it going offline. More information? Please contact with us.

Managed Hosting

Our goal is to unburden you in the field of technical matters surrounding your website. Such as arranging security, keeping processes up to date and monitoring spam attacks and hacking attempts. That is why we offer managed hosting, where all support is just one phone call/WhatsApp away. We are happy to arrange it for our customers!

Dedicated server

In addition to normal hosting, we also provide dedicated servers. With a dedicated server you have more flexibility in terms of settings and one entire server available for your company.

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