User-friendly Website Management System (HWCMS)

Hoogma Webdesign has designed its own Content Management System (HWCMS) with which you can maintain and adjust your website yourself, without having to deal with the technical side of it.

Optimal ease of use

Hoogma Webdesign has years of experience and knowledge of programming. With this knowledge we have developed a certain quality and our own script. We were increasingly asked by our customers whether managing a website couldn\'t be easier. That is why we have created our own website management system.

Due to its multi-usability, an HWCMS website is suitable for various purposes. This will especially benefit self-employed persons and SMEs.

Simple and therefore inexpensive

A website built in our HWCMS website management system is easy to maintain. So you can update the website yourself whenever you want. This way you can easily upload photos, post blogs and other texts, without having to worry about pressing the wrong button and taking the website down, or having pages \'jump\'. That is not possible.

You pay a fixed, low amount per month for a website that completely suits you and your company. So you don\'t have to spend thousands of euros on an expensive website, which is so complicated that you also spend hours on managing it.

A neat website in the corporate identity of your company

You can choose from a number of designs, each of which is completely customized your house style will be adapted. The colors, logo and other design settings ensure that your website matches your company. We can integrate your YouTube channel or your Facebook company page into the website. Furthermore, it is possible to add extra pages, such as:

  • Portfolio
  • Products
  • Blogs
  • Photo Album
  • Offers
  • Contact
  • Reviews or guestbook
  • Google Maps

__ your phone _eul
__ your mobile_phone is a very suitable source to view the possibilities. We have written the source code for this system entirely ourselves. This one is not polluted and that is better for the Google search results. With an HWCMS website you will therefore come forward better in Google.

In other words, we take care of the technical side of the management of the website. You can easily and completely arrange the content yourself. And you can\'t figure something out for a while? Then wij are ready for you.

Add a webshop to your website

It is also possible to open a webshop with HWCMS. Here you can easily add products, quantities and prices, and you can highlight certain items. Payment is made via Molie, a payment provider that arranges payments quickly and securely. Inquire about the possibilities if you want to open your own webshop at a low price.

You pay a fixed, low rate per month for an HWCMS website, plus a one-off fee for start-up costs. Are you curious about our price or do you want to know more about HWCMS? Please contact with us.

Would you like to see more? Go to the page Our services.

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