Points of attention for search engine optimization

Points of attention for search engine optimization - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

An important activity of the Hoogma Webdesign team is working on the findability of various websites of our customers. This is called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). It is a dynamic work, because what was new yesterday may be dated today. But by dedicating a lot of time, love and attention to it, a solid foundation can be laid for achieving that desired, best position!

How is my website found better?

Your website is best found if you offer what your target group is looking for on it . Paying attention to your SEO is therefore very important. Also make sure that you build on the natural growth of your website. In addition, all technical points must of course be in order.

Free tips to improve your SEO
Do you like to get started with the online findability of your website? We would like to give you some practical tips, without obligation, for achieving a strong online position.

  • Optimize your current website for Google To do this, use freely available tools such as:

    • Spotibo, tool that helps find hidden SEO problems
    • Lighthouse, analyzes the visual progression between the frames that make up your website
    • Google Analytics, offers valuable insight into the pluses and minuses of your website
  • Dive into keywords Find relevant keywords and check the competition to see where your opportunities lie. To do this, use Google Search Console and take the time to delve into it. In the long run, you`ll get a lot of relevant information from here!
  • Build a solid site structure Make sure your site is logically put together, both in terms of menu and individual pages, to improve user experience and please search engines. The Hoogma Webdesign support team is as involved as you want. We can completely set up the website for you, or give you tips on how to do this logically and correctly.
  • Blast with valuable content Focus on creating top quality, relevant content that immediately appeals to the target group, and which distinguishes your website from the rest. When writing, think of relevant subheadings so that your texts can be easily navigated.
  • Regularly update and add new text Nothing is such a turn-off as a website where the latest news is already a few years old. Make sure you regularly post new texts or blogs on your website.
  • Image in the correct format for the Google AMP news service When placing images on your blogs, ensure that they are at least 1200 pixels wide. This allows Google to include them in their news service AMP, which in turn creates extra traffic to your website.
  • Post messages regularly with links to your website via your social media channels Such as Facebook, Instagram, X and LinkedIn. Are links to your website not displayed (correctly)? Use Facebook Debugger to address this.
  • Make the user experience better Keep people on your site longer by optimizing the user experience. Think of user-friendliness and clear navigation.
  • Invest time in link building Exchange links with other relevant websites, register with online business directories and home pages to ensure that you get a stronger online position and visitors can find your website better. .

Why is my website not found?

Why is my website not found? - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Does your website not score as well as you would like? This may have a number of causes, such as:

  • Little added value Search engines do not see your website as valuable or relevant. For example, because it has not been around for very long or has few external links. A poor user experience also makes your website less attractive to visitors in the eyes of search engines.
  • Insufficient content If you do not offer enough content to visitors, Google will rank your site less highly. The lack of extensive content on relevant topics could be a reason for this.
  • Not meeting the guidelines The harder you "try", the faster the search engine will notice this. It is comparable to the articles of the past, where a load of search terms were thrown through the text to be found. It is better to share a naturally written message containing a defined topic that is relevant to your target group. This also includes duplicate content: copying texts from other websites is not allowed and will be punished by search engines.
  • You are fishing in the same pond as your fellow competitors It can be difficult to stand out among competitors who have been working on their online findability for years. . Therefore, don't just focus on popular keywords, but also look for niche topics on which you can rank. Share your expertise, no one has that unique combination of knowledge and facts available as you do.
  • Technical problems Technical errors such as an unclear page structure or non-working links (the well-known 404 message) can negatively affect the findability of your website.

Help needed at technical institutions to improve the findability of your website?

We at Hoogma Webdesign are happy to assist you with advice and decisive solutions to ensure that you achieve the desired top position in the results of search giants such as Google.

You can always contact us for an extensive analysis of your existing website, or for advice on a strategy for your new website. Please contact our support department via support@hoogmawebdesign.com or (+31)597-855758.

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