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Functional, clear and easy to find, that is the core of a well-built website. Points essential to any company's website. Building a high-quality website is a profession. Hoogma Webdesign is specialized in this and is happy to help you. We provide professional, custom websites and online applications, with many technical options.


We distinguish ourselves by not only thinking technically, but we also think along with you about the marketing goals to be achieved. Together we realize the goal and the result that you have in mind with your website. The design of the website is geared to this, whereby aftercare is of great importance. Consider, for example, "fine-tuning" your keywords or the ease of making changes after the website has been delivered.

Broad experience

We program and write the entire code of the website manually in XHTML, HTML and PHP, always in combination with a separate CSS document for the layout. There is no use of "editor" and no standard free building systems. These programs often pollute the source code of the website, causing it to rank worse in Google and not display properly on mobile devices. Thanks to our extensive experience, we use techniques and scripts that have been developed or improved by ourselves. With our method we deliver "clean coding" websites with great accessibility for search engines and which are available on the internet without HTML errors.

Own management

If you choose to manage certain parts of your website yourself, this is possible. Hoogma Webdesign makes a custom-made and easy-to-use control panel for you. Thanks to this method, you can count on a fast and modern website that is easy to find in Google and easy to maintain.

Many possibilities

During an introductory meeting, we would like to inform you about our unique working method and the many possibilities for a website that is also easy to find in the search engines. For advice without any obligation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

HWCMS: a simple, neat website with extensive options

Do you need a simple website, which you can easily maintain yourself, and which is still neat and complete? Then the HWCMS system is definitely something for you. Save yourself time and money with an easy-to-use website that fully matches the corporate identity of your company. You can easily add photos and texts yourself, or use it for the online sale of products or services with a beautiful module webshop. Read more about an HWCMS website here, or contact Hoogma Webdesign.

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