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Foundation MFC De Hardenberg, Finsterwolde Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

Nice website with button for donation
For André Hateboer of Stichting MFC De Hardenberg we have created a neat website with which the foundation can keep interested parties informed of the latest developments regarding the takeover of a sports complex The Hardenberg in Finsterwolde. Because this concerns a foundation, and we support the foundation's thinking, we have done this at cost price.

Stichting MFC De Hardenberg was established in response to the intention of the municipality of Oldambt to close the sports complex in mid-2023. Many residents of Finsterwolde, Beerta and the surrounding area enjoy the facilities that De Hardenberg offers and one cannot accept that this will all be a thing of the past.

Website indispensable for news distribution and donor recruitment
A group of motivated stakeholders, including André Hateboer, has has set up a foundation and is currently planning to buy the sports complex from the municipality. As understandable, local residents and interested parties are very involved, which is why a neat website, in addition to the Facebook page, was indispensable to keep people informed of news and developments regarding the takeover.

Because help from volunteers will be needed for takeover, the website contains a page where you can register as a volunteer. There is also a donation button, people who have a warm heart for De Hardenberg can make a donation through this way.

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