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Digital time (Secusoft) Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

HWCMS website for functions with digital time registration from Secusoft
If you have already looked around in our portfolio, you may notice that we make websites for a relatively large number of security companies. That has a reason. In addition to being a web designer, he is an entrepreneur and owner of Hoogma Webdesign Leo Hoogma, namely also developer of Secusoft, the software for security in the Netherlands, Curaçao , Suriname and Belgium.

Secusoft security software
Secusoft is web-based software that allows you to easily and safe arranges various matters, such as planning and duty roster, but also invoicing, communication towards employees and clients (customer portal), and many other things, such as your HRM and the registration of company assets and hours worked.

To highlight the functions for time registration within Secusoft, we have fully set up the website with an explanation of this handy and time-saving function within the software. Digital time registration replaces the old-fashioned `pecking clock`, and provides irrefutable proof of presence by adding GPS coordinates and exact details. In many cases this involves scanning using NFC, but also registering and deregistering for your service via the Secusoft app is a possibility.

Do you want to know more about Secusoft, or specifically about the digital time registration function? Then visit the website below:

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