Stay alert with (telephone) sales

Stay alert with (telephone) sales

Stay alert with (telephone) sales Hoogma Webdesign Beerta
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, 21 April 2022

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You may have seen it recently on the TV show Radar: A video content company that surreptitiously persuades business owners to buy a video ad from them over the phone. Played flattery and Wolf or Wallstreet-like scenes are not shunned here.

Radar's report is about Z-Works, a video content company. If you receive a call from them, do not respond immediately. What they're probably going to tell you is that they're looking for exactly your expertise, for a well-watched TV show.

Why are you, as an entrepreneur or self-employed person, called about video advertisements?

So they are looking for you... As an entrepreneur, you probably want to hear more about that. The - as yet - pleasant employee of the company will be happy to tell you in detail how your knowledge and skills relate to well-watched TV programs broadcast in prime time on larger commercial channels. Flattery and compliments are not shunned. You may notice that you talk more and more proudly about your company during the conversation. Because hey, it's just your pride and you know a lot about it.

What you probably don't realize by now is that this is exactly what the employee is after. This way of marketing is called 'anti-sale', and ensures that you are actually selling yourself. It all becomes even more false when you consider that the employee is specifically trained for this, several times a day, so that he or she knows exactly how to respond to your emotion (the love for your own company and passion for your profession) and you. to sell a very expensive advertisement in this way.

How does misleading ad sales work?
After an extensive conversation, which at times becomes personal and can sometimes last up to an hour, you hear why they really call. Making the video costs an x amount, on average a few thousand euros, and you have to agree immediately. Otherwise it may be too late and another company will take this - dubious - honor. As an entrepreneur, you must be given the opportunity to consider whether you agree with such a purchase.

This sales tactic also surreptitiously ensures that you as an entrepreneur would like to see your company on TV. It probably awakens a desire that you didn't even know was there prior to the conversation.

Afterwards, it often concerns a program that is broadcast at a different time than reported, and you are put in one commercial block with several entrepreneurs. Is that really worth the money?

What can I do if I am unwantedly approached with telephone acquisition?

Always be warned when selling by telephone. If you receive a call, indicate that you want to discuss the offer. You have that right. It is also good to know that since an amendment to the Telecommunications Act it is no longer allowed to make 'cold' calls to entrepreneurs. This means that you may only be approached for telephone acquisition if you have indicated that you are interested.

You can also look up more online during the conversation about the company from which you are called. Or turn the tables and ask some questions back. Often people quickly fall through the basket.

If you have any doubts about an offer made to you by telephone or email, you can always contact us. We regularly hear from entrepreneurs that they have been approached and are now able to separate the wheat from the chaff in most cases. Always listen to your gut feeling.

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