Don't give clickjackers a chance with a HWCMS website

Don't give clickjackers a chance with a HWCMS website

Don't give clickjackers a chance with a HWCMS website Hoogma Webdesign Beerta
Leo Hoogma - Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

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, 6 July 2021

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Hoogma Webdesign has designed a Content Management System (HWCMS) with which you can maintain and adjust your website yourself. We take care of the technical side of it for you. For example, we have realized a new update that allows you to keep clickjackers out. This protects yourself and visitors to your website against clicking on unreliable or dangerous links.

What is clickjacking?

Clickjacking makes a copy of your website, which a hacker 'spreads' over your website, as it were. The buttons visitors click on seem legitimate, but underneath is another link, redirecting the clicker to an untrustworthy destination. The visitor often does not realize this, since the hacker ensures that the URL resembles that of your website.
For example, privacy data can be extracted, fraudulent bank charges can be made, or ransom ware can be placed. You want to prevent that!

With our latest update, HWCMS websites are protected against clickjacking. The web server now passes a special code in every web server response. The visitor's browser then checks whether this special code is present. If that is not the case, the browser will not load the page.

Your online safety in good hands with Hoogma Webdesign from Beerta

Your online safety has our priority. We have the most advanced servers at various locations in the fastest data centers in the Netherlands. Our servers have the latest security software installed and are well protected against hackers and attacks. We also have an effective spamfilter available to eliminate all malicious mail before it reaches your own mail server.

Want to know more about HWCMS or do you have other questions? Contact contact with Hoogma Webdesign in Beerta. We are happy to help you.

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