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, 21 October 2022

Are you a starting entrepreneur, or have you been the proud owner of your own business for some time? Then you probably know that as `your own boss` you are never really free. And that you don't have to calculate what you have earned per hour worked... Despite that, it is probably one of the most beautiful things you will ever do. For many, owning their own business is a dream come true!

When you can earn a living doing what you love, you get a lot in return, positive energy for example, and fun and new contacts. But there is also a significant dose of responsibility involved. Because your customers come to you with their questions, but where can you go with your questions?

We are happy to help you answer your entrepreneurial questions
Hoogma Webdesign has a lot to do with questions from - starting - entrepreneurs. We have been for some time `our own boss` and know the pitfalls like no other, but we are also - thanks to our many years experience - packed with tips for other entrepreneurs. And we are certainly not afraid to share it! In this blog post, we discuss a few stumbling blocks that almost every entrepreneur faces. Do you have any tips of your own to add to this list? Please share them on our Facebook page, you can help others with that too. And do you have questions that you cannot solve? Call or email us, we are ready for you.

Tips and advice for - starting - entrepreneurs

Tip 1: Choosing a domain name for your business
You have probably already been brainstorming, or you have known for a long time which name you want to use for your company. But it may also be that you really don't have a clue and can't get further than your last name + the field. We are happy to help you choose a suitable company name, and can also help you design a logo. We will be happy to check with you whether the domain name is still available and, if you wish, we can register it for you. We are SIDN registrar, which means that we can register your domain name for you without the intervention of a third party.

Do you also want us to take care of the hosting of your website? We like to do that. Inquire about the possibilities.

Your website at Hoogma webdesign: well organized!

Tip 2: Setting up your business (and private) mail
We are happy to help you set up your email. Did you know, for example, that you can simply receive and open your info@ emails in Gmail, or in another mail program that you use now? This way you easily have all your mail in one place, and you don't have to remember or take anything to stay in touch with your customers digitally. Your private e-mail can also continue to come in this way. When sending an email, you can indicate whether you want to send from your private address or from your business email. And are you waiting for an important e-mail, but nothing has arrived yet? Manually fetching mail is also possible, and is not at all as complicated as it sounds. We are happy to help you.

Tips 3: Setting up your social media
Not everyone is a born vlogger or blogger. And we can't all be Khaby Lame, and get millions of likes on every post we upload. Don't set the bar too high for yourself. In any case, make sure that all basic information is entered correctly on your social channels, and that you use a recognizable profile image, such as your logo or a photo of your company building. Regularly post something about your work within your company, or highlight (new) products. Keep it real. You will see that customers start following you and like what you show. It is an insight into your company that they normally do not get to see, which is appreciated in most cases.

Do you have no idea how to get a logo to the desired size or what a good info text is for your social channels? At Hoogma Webdesign we are just one call away from you. Our support team is ready to answer all your questions, also in the field of social media.

With which entrepreneurial questions can we help you?

So you can see that there are many things we can help you with. And then we haven't even talked about optimizing your website, or about being visible online to (potential) customers.
Did you know, for example, that with a website from Hoogma Webdesign you immediately enjoy numerous benefits?
For example, our HWCMS-websites:

  • Easy to operate
  • Provided with clear explanations with practical instruction videos
  • Built with a self-written script, which is `cleaner` than many other CMS systems and therefore more easily found
  • Always up-to-date in terms of security and functionality, without you having to do anything yourself
  • Easy to combine with a webshop in HWCMS
  • Attractive priced
  • Equipped with many useful modules, such as blog, photo album, agenda, slider function, and much more.

Do you want to know what we can do for you? Ask us your specific question, or inquire about the extensive possibilities at Hoogma Webdesign. We can be reached via 0597-855758 and at

Would you like to read more blog posts? Go to the page Blog.

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