API link Google Cloud Storage built

API link Google Cloud Storage built

API link Google Cloud Storage built Hoogma Webdesign Beerta
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, 27 August 2021

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An API connection is indispensable for good cooperation between two digital systems. Building such a link is specialist work, it takes a lot of time, but a well-built API link saves a lot of time. We've already built some API links, and we can add one more: An API link to combine your web server with Google Cloud Storage.

Make sure your hosting server doesn't fill up thanks to GCS
Major websites and platforms where users store data have to deal with it: The danger that the hosting server 'fills up' due to the amount of files that are stored. Especially when transferring files, such as with a restore or a backup, it takes a long time before everything is transferred from one server to another. Some websites subsequently experience server problems and that is never desirable.

With Google Cloud Storage, files are stored by Google in your own digital space, a so-called 'bucket', from which you can retrieve and view/download them at any time. That is why we have built an API link to allow the web server to communicate with Google's Cloud storage. This way you can store and retrieve unlimited data, at any time.

The big advantage of this is that you do not unnecessarily burden your hosting server. It also gives a bit of reliability that your users can store and retrieve static data at all times. In case of emergency, the Cloud Storage is even accessible via the browser.

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Do you also regularly spend a lot of time on certain actions that you think should be easier? Perhaps with an API link, or another handy solution? At Hoogma Webdesign we like to think along with you. Please feel free to contact or view our services to see what we can do for you.

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