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When we were approached by ATOS Group in Dordrecht to create a website, we were quickly enthusiastic. Partly thanks to the input from the entrepreneurs behind this company, setting up the website was a pleasure. What exactly have we done?

About us, an indispensable page on your website
Before you do business with someone, in most cases you want to know who you are doing business with. That's why a neat, comprehensive "About Us page" on your website is indispensable. In addition to technical knowledge, our team also has a lot of writing experience. Are you not a writer type? Then at Hoogma Webdesign we are happy to write the texts for you. It helps if you provide your own input, since you know best how to describe your company. The entrepreneurs behind ATOS Group have done this, allowing us to set up a neat website with extensive texts.

Diverse service offering
From bus coordinators, who help travelers with canceled trains, to football and traffic stewards, and many other types of security guards, ATOS Group offers qualified employees . In this way they bring together supply and demand in the security industry.

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