Troubleshoot IMAP sync error in Outlook on Mac (Apple)

Troubleshoot IMAP sync error in Outlook on Mac (Apple)

Troubleshoot IMAP sync error in Outlook on Mac (Apple) Hoogma Webdesign Beerta

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, 18 April 2023

For a customer we spent some time trying to find the answer to this specific question: Why was it not possible to synchronize using IMAP in Outlook on a Mac (Apple computer)? Because we would like to spare you this search, we would like to share the answer and the solution to this problem in this blog post!

Working on a Mac with Outlook
The situation we encountered was not an everyday occurrence for us. To be honest, we had never encountered working on an Apple computer, Mac operating system, with Outlook for your mail. But there's a first time for everything, and what you don't know can be learned, right?

Searching for the solution to the synchronization problem
Unfortunately, our client repeatedly ran into the problem that it couldn't sync using IMAP on the target computer in Outlook. The mails did not come in, while, as we could see here, they had arrived on the server. How could that be? It took a little morning to find the answer. It was, as often, a single setting that needs to be set, which you just need to know.

IMAP does not sync with Outlook on a MAC

What can you do?
The solution to this problem is as follows:

  • Open Outlook on your Mac and go to Preferences
  • Go to your accounts
  • Delete the account with the minus sign (-)
  • Click the plus sign (+) and add the account again
  • Now it says top right No IMAP? (or Not IMAP? )
  • No IMAP?
  • Click on this, you will get the option Sync with Microsoft Cloud, or: Sync with Microsoft Cloud
  • Turn off IMAP synchronization for Microsoft
  • Turn it off and the problem is solved!
  • Proceed to configure the mail account and set the correct mail servers and port numbers

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